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About Pemex Gas


  About Pemex Gas

About Pemex Gas General Profile Pemex Gas y Petroquímica Básica (Pemex) is Pemex’s subsidiary which processes, transports and commercializes natural gas, liquid hydrocarbons (such as liquefied petroleum gas or LPG) and basic petrochemical products, such as ethane, natural gasolines and sulphur. Likewise, Pemex Gas offers its industrial clients several services, among them the hedge prices of natural gas.
The main purpose of Pemex Gas is to satisfy, in an efficient, safe and timely maner, the national demand of the aforementioned products, while maximizing its profits and improving its added value.
In order to achieve it’s objective, our organization has designed and applied a vanguardist business conception, which comprises several elements: the organization’s mission and vision, business model, strategic map, strategic management systems and a solid information technology platform.

Productive chain
Within Petróleos Mexicanos, Pemex Gas occupies a strategic position: it receives from Pemex Exploración y Producción formation gas for its processing and delivers natural gas to other subsidiaries for its consumption. On the other hand, Pemex Refinación delivers Pemex Gas subproducts of its processes, which we transport and commercialize.

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